the pioneer
the pioneer, bridget tyler, book

Available March 5, 2019

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An addictive page-turner of a "space romp" - The Pioneer is the Illuminae version of Oregon Trail.

When Jo steps onto her new planet for the first time, she’s ready to put her tragic past behind her and begin again. But underneath the idyllic surface of the Watson family's new home, something is very wrong. And when Jo accidentally uncovers a devastating secret that could destroy everything her family has worked for she is faced with a terrible choice - do the right thing for her family...or do the right thing.

With the fate of the pioneers in her hands, Jo must decide how far she’s willing to go to expose the truth—before the truth destroys them all.



“Briskly paced action, lively dialogue, and a vividly imagined world…a solidly entertaining sci-fi novel with a strong-willed heroine. An unexpected cliff-hanger raises the stakes for future installments.”
— Booklist

“Tyler's crowd-pleasing and lightning-paced cautionary tale beautifully captures the wonder of discovery while building plenty of suspense… A cliffhanger ending promises more to come. A stellar adventure.”
Kirkus Reviews

“The Pioneer is a magnificent space mystery that takes the dystopian genre and turns it totally on its head. I really liked how the little details, the elements come together so seamlessly with the plot and world building. It’s a really exciting read with characters you root for and plot that keeps you running so you can see what happens next… The same will hopefully be true in the sequel too… I can’t wait!!”
Perspective of a Writer